If you are thinking about sending that marketing email campaign to your 1000+ subscribers, then please think again! You could be doing more harm than you know.

I'd like to give you an overview of why it is not a good idea to send bulk marketing emails via Outlook and why using a bulk email platform like BluegrassMailer is a much better idea. Yes, it may cost a tiny bit more, but the benefits far outweigh the costs.

  • Blacklisted - you run the risk of having your actual domain blacklisted as a spammer! That means not even your work emails will go through until you get un-blacklisted.
  • SPAM - this is a serious issue. Over recent years many tools have been created in an attempt to combat it. Disgruntled recipients can now report any email they receive as SPAM, which results in your IP address being blacklisted. Therefore, if you send email from Outlook you are at greater risk of being reported. Using a third-party service such as BluegrassMailer avoids these risks, as we are whitelisted with all major email providers and authorised to send bulk email campaigns.
  • Server Load -¬†Outlook is a great programme for sending and receiving individual emails. However, it is not designed for sending large bulk email campaigns. If you compose an email to 1000 people using Outlook, as soon as you press send, Outlook will be strenuous work for the server which handles your incoming and outgoing email, and if you do this too often, your ISP (Internet Service Provider) will get annoyed.
  • Return on Investment (ROI) -¬†Outlook was never designed to send bulk email. It does not come with some of the advanced features BluegrassMailer provides. One such feature is the ability to track your campaign's success. Once an email is sent using Outlook, it is impossible to find out if someone has opened the email or clicked a link within it. In BluegrassMailer you will see a detailed analysis of your campaign after sending. Who clicked what image or link. How many times email was opened. What time of day was it opened. Which email addresses no longer work and bounced. Automatic management of your subscription database, so you no longer need to manage this yourself in Excel.

BluegrassMailer works on a simple pay-as-you-send model. You only pay for what you send. There's a small campaign fee for each send, and a miniscule cost per email sent.

Give us a call today to find out more about how you can use BluegrassMailer to grow your business!

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