Facebook has been tinkering with their Like button (part of their Social plugin suite) for months and has just added a fundamental change that they hope will encourage you to share content more regularly.

Whereas the previous Like button shared a subtle link on your newsfeed, that often went unnoticed, the new update sees the Like button absorb the functionality of the discontinued Share button, featuring "likes" far more prominently on your profile.

Clicking it will add a headline, a line of copy and a thumbnail to your newsfeed and users will have the option of commenting on the story link or sharing it with their friends.

Old Like Button


New Like Button


The benefits of the Facebook Like button on website traffic is huge; IGN and ESPN have both reported 20% increases in website traffic since implementing them across their network. The new functionality has certainly streamlined the user experience, but with the new updates featuring your Likes so prominently on your profile, will users now think twice about what they "like" on the web?

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