React is a mature library with many best practices that have been established. If you’re a newcomer to React you may find this advice useful!

1. Download the "create-react-app"

You may find the comments throughout the react-scripts project (that you can browse in your node_modules folder or gain access to through ejecting) useful. This should get you up and going in the beginning stages.

2. Set state with a function, not an object

Error messages in React are exceptionally good and lead straight back to the right page in the documentation that previously explained and solved the problem. 

3. Pick the right editor 

Top favourites are Sublime Text for some Java Script projects, Visual Studio and Eclipse works for other Java projects. Picking the right tool for the job will come easy in understanding the life cycle. Thinking about how to approach problems and the understanding of the component life cycle usually helps find the solutions.

We hope these tips will be helpful to someone!

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By: Bluegrass Marketing Team
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