The Protection of Personal Information Act also, known as the POPI Act is a South African act that protects customers’ data and holds businesses accountable should they abuse or compromise personal information in any way.

Secure -data

Examples of personal information could include:

  • Identity and/or passport number
  • Date of birth and age
  • Phone number/s (including mobile phone number)
  • Email address/es
  • Online/Instant messaging identifiers
  • Physical address
  • Gender, Race and Ethnic origin
  • Photos, voice recordings, video footage (also CCTV), biometric data and much more!

The PoPI legislation basically considers personal information as precious goods and affords the owner the right to protect personal information and complete control over it. 

Persons need to consent to sharing of the type and extent of information they choose to share. Data must be collected for valid reasons. 

Just as we live in an information age where information is easily available thanks to social media, along with this progress comes the responsibility for each person to take care of and protect their own information. The PoPI Act cannot protect you if you do not take care to protect yourself. 


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