We attended the third annual IAB Digital Summit - a gathering of content marketers, advertising executives, publishers and technologists.

Copious amounts of information were being spread on social media and that at the speed of lightening! The summit hosted thirteen varied speakers from all fields of technology, whose subjects touched on: The customer genome i.e. the ability to qualify a user’s buying behaviour (eCommerce), mobile and streaming and how that is already hitting the music world by storm as well as other technologies that will shape our lives in the next few years.

Summit -2

Other topics covered, were with regards to the cost of data and how it limits business and information being disseminated to certain areas, driving competitive advantage in the digital word and the gamification of everything (basically how artificial intelligence will play a large role in every detail of our lives).


Media gurus spoke about investing in good quality content – providing value to receive it, and the convergence of traditional media and digital media.

All speakers brought their subjects home to the continent of Africa, as we are the fastest emerging market in the mobile space.

Summit -3

They also hammered on the user journey and user experience being the basis of the digital business and the most important part of the engagement - because the consumer now, has a voice like never before!

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By: Sam Gqomo
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