Last Friday was an interesting day at the Bluegrass Digital Office! From an array of green balloons, green snacks and Guinness Beer to celebrate St Patrick’s Day to an amazing presentation on Neural Sense and their methods of website UX testing.

Mark Drummond, MD of Neural Sense spoke about the ways they combine a multitude of consumer neuroscience research techniques to provide in-depth insights on the entire user experience as well as how they validate the findings of each methodology.


He conducted a 20-minute demonstration of how they would run a Task Analysis and Click

Testing assessment for a client which includes:

o Remote Eye-tracking (RET) – attention/awareness measures

o Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) – levels of emotional engagement

o Facial Coding (FACS) - emotional affect (types of emotions experienced and

overall emotional valence)

The assessment report reviews the existing neuromarketing academic literature regarding website usability testing and associated themes that will assist the client in their development decision making process. Thus, developing an understanding of the existing theoretical rationales that support emotional effectiveness and website optimization.

All in all, an awesome talk enjoyed by the team!

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By: Sam Gqomo
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