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Engaging iPad3 application for the rAge Gaming Expo

Bluegrass Digital was tasked with creating an engaging iPad application for for the rAge Expo event held in October 2012. rAge is the leading destination event for the latest developments in gaming, technology, consumer electronics and lifestyle entertainment products.


The application needed to act as a cool mechanic with the objective to acquire new customers and increase voucher redemption rates, which were being handed out at the expo. Vouchers values ranged from R75 – R500 off games available for pre-order at the website.



We were constantly reminded by the gaming division that "gamers are a different breed" and the challenge, was that the app needed to contain interactive design including animated elements to provide for a slight 'game-ified' user experience incorporating their 'Medical Zombies' theme.


Users redeemed the vouchers handed out at the event and by entering their voucher code into the app to reveal the value of their code. After previewing all the games available for pre-order and selecting a game to redeem their voucher against, the user's details are captured in the final step, to be paid for at a later stage.


Results: The campaign received a 20% uptake from vouchers handed out over the expo.


App features & specs:

  • Unique 'Medical Zombie' design and animations (After Effects)
  • Native (Objective C) iPad app development
  • Form for data capture and collection
  • SQLite database set-up for data capture
  • App usage analytics capturing to provide ROI data reporting


CASE STUDY: See full case study here

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