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Naspers Mobile Intelligence App

Mobile Business Intelligence Application for Naspers

Naspers is a South African based multinational media company. Their Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) division were looking for a more intelligent and graphically pleasing way to interpret their data sources currently being stored and viewed using Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and pivot tables.


  1. A secure method to allow Senior Executives to easily access, view and interpret key data on the move on their mobile devices such as iPad’s and iPhone’s. The chosen solution was an implementation of Roambi Analytics for iPad and iPhone. 
  2. Improve collaboration throughout the M&A team by allowing team members to seamlessly accesss & view the same data, at the same time.
  3. Increase information sharing security
  4. Provide an efficient manner to share information on a monthly and quarterly basis
  5. Increase the quality of business discussions around the data reporting


Previously, the M&A Naspers team members managed everything in quite a manual process with a combination of Excel data reports; email; and paper documents. The team would meet on a weekly basis via telecom, to discuss the sales data and spreadsheets.


Needing a more versatile, efficient and mobile friendly solution of sharing and analysing this data, a mobile application was the logical choice. Consideration was given to developing a custom iOS Application (as Executives all have iPads), however after further research and to negate the need for an expensive and timely development process, Roambi was selected as the leading solution. Roambi Analytics allows you to create and customise Apps for your business, that allow you to deliver your data in an intuitive and engaging manner. Importantly, Roambi employs triple-layered security features to ensure the application and data remain secure. With Roambi Analytics, employees have numerous options for viewing their data through the different Roambi Views. For example, Roambi Layers provides the team a view of sales numbers and trends that allows users to tailor their view of the information down to a very granular level. In addition, complex data structures are shown on various levels and offer detailed analytics on the performance of individual items.


Bluegrass Digital conducted the planning process with Naspers key executives to understand the existing processes and to analyse their existing spreadsheets and workflows. Bluegrass then created a Roambi template, which allowed for easy import into the Roambi platform. After some rigorous Roambi testing and successful trial runs with the various Roambi solutions, the Roambi Pro and Layers solution was selected for the initial deployments. Naspers Executives simply download and install the Roambi App via the App Store on their mobile devices and then logged into their designated Roambi account. Once logged in they are able access to their reports and all the available ways to view the information. “Our team has helped Naspers set-up the required templates in Roambi and provided the key personnel responsible for the data with training on how to manage and update via the Roambi portal”, said Mark Hawkins (Operations Director at Bluegrass).

As the 1st phase in the project, there are now further plans to extend their reporting capabilities further within Roambi.


  1. Solid Adoption
    Users are requesting additional Roambi reports and adoption has spread throughout the organization
  2. Executive Buy-in
    Senior Management has voluntarily shifted from paper to
  3. Roambi reports
    Productivity Without Restraints
  4. Important decisions can easily be made on the go
    Stringent Security Provisions
  5. Roambi’s triple layered security met strict protection policies and procedures since reports where vital when reporting to the government
    Save Time
  6. Users are not wasting time putting together and also accessing static reports in PDFs or via an internal VPN
    Save Money
  7. The time and labor to build an in house mobile app was not needed


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