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Brand Experience company RPM asked Bluegrass to design and develop an intelligent marketing campaign evaluation application for their business. The database application is a web-based tool which marketing account teams use to optimise the targeting efficiency and interaction of client campaigns. In summary, it is a evaluation system where campaigns, venues and performance are assessed.

The new system equips RPM with the right information to select the best site placement for a product to ensure it reaches its target audience. It will enable RPM to assess the potential a venue has for a high quality brand experience. The power of the system in capturing and storing campaign results and the intelligent anaylsis and reporting the system provides. These results are then used to create benchmarks for future campaigns.  

"This system give us an edge of our competition and has been a huge benefit in planning campaigns for our clients. The power is in the intelligent calculations and statistics that is built up over time. A real powerful tool for our business."





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