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SAB Caledon

Intranet system using Umbraco CMS

When SAB Caledon found out that Bluegrass had built the Newlands intranet they commissioned us to build a new intranet system to replace their tired MaltNET Intranet. So we designed a shiny new interface with the MaltNET look and feel to differentiate it from the Newlands Intranet, and used Umbraco CMS to build the backend. Some of the new features included into their intranet include:

  1. Staff Address Book lookup and profile view
  2. Department organogram view
  3. Ask John widget, allowing staff to ask questions and provide feedback
  4. Suggestions widget, allowing staff to make company suggestions to improve process
  5. PESTS Sighted widget, allowing staff to report the sighting of pests
  6. Stakeholders Communications widget
  7. Calendar widget to view company events
  8. Weather widget
  9. Image Gallery to view company photos
  10. Department level permissions 





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