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Sun Hunting

Travel website

We delivered a weather-based trip-planning website, for a UK based travel start-up. The site is aimed at last minute travellers and executives with limited time available to research travel destinations and simply looking for the promise of sun on their holiday.


The platform utilises various 3rd party weather and booking API’s and crunches data through an algorithm to dynamically and intelligently recommend travel destinations based on live, real-time forecasts. Users can book accommodation and view curated local destination information and key attractions, in their sun filled destination of choice.


How it works?

  1. Users select a Getaway Type
  2. Our clever algorithm considers factors like Flight time; Location; Weather; Travel dates
  3. Destinations are plotted onto a world map
  4. Users can browse sunny destinations; book accommodation and flights


Umbraco CMS

Content Management System (CMS)

Website Design

Registration System

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