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Interactive CI Manual for Virgin Global

Jupiter Drawing Room in Cape Town appointed Bluegrass Digital as their technical partner to create an online corporate identity (CI) manual for Virgin Global. For Virgin, the approach was required to be unique - allowing complete freedom when creating their identity. An interactive mood board tool was proposed by Jupiter after a collaborative creative bootcamp between Jupiter and Virgin’s creative teams to address the requirement of being unique, but still retaining the Virgin look and feel.


The designers worked closely to create new visual guidelines for Virgin, to be used across all brands including its airlines, gyms, media groups, healthcare and other offers across the world. While the logo has remained unchanged, the look and feel and how the branding is shown across all touchpoints has evolved. The interactive tools allow users to select corporate identity prompts and combine them to form their own, unique mood board.


The online CI manual includes the following functionality and feature set:

  1. The user can choose their respective industry from a list
  2. They are then presented with a selection of CI cues that they can switch on and off - the Virgin logo will be selected by default
  3. As the user selects more CI cues, so content on the board is added
  4. Rolling over images on the screen allows the user to select another image from the carousel of images
  5. Similarly, rolling over the video allows the user to preview the video
  6. The user also has the chance to delve deeper into the CI cues, by clicking "view details", this re-organises the content vertically and displays more information of each CI cue
  7. The  user can export a dynamically-created PDF based on the CI cues that have been selected
  8. The PDF has detailed information regarding each element chosen by the user
  9. The mood board can also be created as a screensaver for the local machine


The online CI manual includes the following design considerations:

  1. Visual design plays a key role because this is an interactive tool to create mood boards
  2. Interactivity and functionality plays a major role in the visual aspect of the design
  3. The site is dynamic and engaging while maintaining the structure of the design
  4. The ability to add/remove content based on the users selections of CI cues;
  5. The ability to allow the user to reorder content on screen by dragging elements around and;
  6. The ability to reorder the content, are all important design aspects
  7. A CMS system was required to add/remove/update content on the website


Drupal CMS

Content Management System (CMS)

User Experience (UX)

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