Step 1 / 6: Tell us about yourself...

So, you're considering a new project and need a quote? Well, we've put together a brief step-by-step process to help you outline in more detail your requirements before getting in touch with us. With that in mind, please try and fill out what you can and we'll reply back to you.

Step 2 / 6: Your project objectives

Please tell us what your timing expectations are, any budget constraints and all the project elements which you feel you may require for you piece of work.

Design work
Website development
Static HTML website
Micro-site development
CMS development
Umbraco CMS
Wordpress CMS
Magento CMS
Other CMS (Joomla, Drupal)
Website hosting
Website maintenance
Fading images (jQuery | Ajax interactivity)
Flash banners or Flash work
Search engine optimisation (SEO / PPC)
Social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter)
Email marketing (BluegrassMailer)
HTML email template creation
Email account setup and support
IT and Networking support

Step 3 / 6: Your current website

Please provide more details regarding your current website and target market which will help us understand your business and your existing setup. 

Step 4 / 6: Competition, design, look and feel

Tells us about your competitors and what you like / dislike about websites and your site

Step 5 / 6: Project materials

Tell us what assets you will be able to supply for this project

Photos & images
Content / copywriting
LOGO in vector format
I have an iStock / Getty Images account
Brand fonts
Brand colours

Step 6 / 6: Additional comments or thoughts

If there is anything else you would like to tell us that you think would be useful, please do so here. You can never provide enough information!

All the details you enter in this form are used only to communicate your project details to us. We don't pass any of these details on, or share your information.