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Website Maintenance

Does your web project need some TLC? Or do you simply need some ad hoc website maintenance done?

Website Maintenance is a term that encompasses a number of different tasks. Some of the most common 'maintenance' tasks that we support and provide a service for include:

1. Post website launch maintenance
The lifecycle of most website projects move through various common stages: Planning > Design > Development > Testing > Website launch. Normally you will have a warranty period post website launch, that covers fixing any nasty bugs that crop up, that weren't detected during the testing phase of the project development cycle. We are often called in to help tidy up a messy project with outstanding issues.

2. Ad Hoc Maintenance
Websites are like cars - they need periodic servicing to ensure that they are running optimally. Sometimes things break for no apparent reason and as frustrating as this may be, it's simply the nature of the beast. Bluegrass offers maintenance retainer contracts that can be purchased at a slightly discounted rate, to cover you should something go wrong. You will have prioritised acccess to development support to ensure you are back running smoothly again as quickly as possible. Contact us today to discuss a maintenance retainer contract for your business.

3. New feature requests
Many of our clients use our maintenance development services to build new features and functionality into their existing websites, mobile projects and intranet systems. If you have new ideas and designs that you would like to discuss building into your website, then please give us a call to chat about what it is you want to do. 

General Maintenance Lifecycle

Bluegrass website maintenance workflow

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