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Website Design & Development


Creative development is a key part of what we do and where we bring brands to life online. Our team of talented designers not only produce popping designs but they also ensure that solid UX testing is undertaken at every step of the creative process, to ensure an end-to-end successful project delivery.

We have seen many agencies waste a clients time and money producing poorly designed websites that are difficult and clumsy to use. Our design process covers the key steps we feel are important for the delivery of a successful project:

  1. Workshop: first we sit with our clients and brainstorm and gather requirements for the project to ensure we capture everything
  2. Analysis: conduct an analysis of your key competitors to ensure we understand the space in which you work and how you can stand out from the crowd
  3. User Experience (UX) testing: wireframing & prototyping is conducted to ensure that the best user journeys and online experience will be achieved, which is essential to the projects success
  4. Design Concepts:  mockups produced in this final stage and the design concepts are presented to you. 

View some of our beautiful website designs in our portfolio.


The magic happens here. Your strategy and planning is complete, designs are popping on the screen, and usability scenarios thoroughly tested. Now its time for our developers to take the functional specification document and bring your web project to life.

Our core strengths and skills lie in ASP, ASP.NET, XML, XSLT, Scripting Languages C#, VB script, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery and HTML, XHTML. All our websites are built according to the lastest W3C Content and Accessibility standards. It's seen as a minimum these days to meet at least Level A - Priority 1 guidelines. We follow the latest development best-practices when taking on different types of projects.

  1. Web Projects: we take on new website projects, building them from scratch and we take on existing client projects, building new improvements and additional phase enhancements.
  2. Project rescue: often a website project can head south very quickly due to poor project management, scope creep, budgeting issues, poorly written code or architectural layout issues. We will happily step in to rescue client projects, ensuring they meet all the initial project requirements.
  3. Maintenance: websites are like cars. If you don't take your car for regular servicing, then problems occur. If you ignore problems then bigger problems come up. We provide ad hoc maintenances services, where you have access to a developer to fix your website issues. We also provide a monthly maintenance retainer at a discounted rate.
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