The future of mobile apps


                         The future of mobile applications


Smartphones are not only transforming the way consumers transact, but mobile has become an indispensable part of everybody’s daily life. Mobile apps that don’t adopt the latest technologies are less likely to survive in this highly competitive market.

The mobile app development industry is constantly changing as new innovative trends emerge. Experts say the mobile app development industry is one of the fastest growing industries and it shows no signs of slowing down in future. According to Statista, mobile apps will generate revenues of around $189-billion in 2020.


Web versus mobile


Consumers are more likely to browse on a mobile device than on a computer or laptop. Developers therefore need to ensure that websites perform as reliably on smartphones and tablets as they do on computers and laptops.


Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Machine learning improves the capabilities of apps dramatically. For example, an ecommerce app with AI could analyse customer behaviour and recommend products according to individual preferences and interests.

Research shows that customers want this kind of personalised service and businesses should take advantage of the opportunities AI provides to meet these expectations. According to IDC, more than 75% of workers who are using business solutions (ERP) leverage the capabilities of AI to expand their proficiency in workplace.




Cloud is no longer considered a luxury option, it’s an essential element of any modern mobile app. The benefits and opportunities that Cloud has to offer are enormous. These could include reduced hosting costs and improved loading capacity.

With technologies such as AWS and Azure, it is now possible to develop powerful apps that run directly in the cloud. Besides streamlining many business processes, cloud also helps solve many security issues. It makes mobile app development more secure, fast and reliable.


Mobile wallets


Digital wallets have made online transactions easy, from paying accounts to buying goods online and transferring money to friends and family. Business leaders need to ensure the digital wallet solution is a vital part of their strategy as every mobile-savvy consumer will continue to use it.




Leading brands are focussing on developing apps for wearable devices, especially considering that more consumers are able to access these devices. Smartwatches are now being used for more than just tracking various fitness metrics, Uber has for example extended their app to wearables to enable users to request a ride.




Chatbots can improve mobile apps in many ways, they are essential for improving customer service and customer support. They are currently being used for various business functions such as phone interactions, tech support, information retrieval or online commerce. Interestingly, intelligent personal assistants are now becoming extremely popular.

Because chatbots are so easy to deploy, businesses ranging from banking, finance and retail have AI enabled chatbots to fulfil a number of functions. These range from improving customer engagement, collecting basic customer information, answering basic product questions or general company questions.




Mobile wallets and other fintech products are becoming extremely popular, even though the carry sensitive user information. Developers are focussing on building enhanced security measures.


On-demand apps


On-demand apps have changed consumer behaviour from ordering take-aways to scheduling a car service. Business leaders need to offer this level of convenience if they want to remain competitive.


The customer


Mobile app development aims at making communication more effective and mobility more powerful. Apart from the benefits to consumers, mobile apps can offer a plethora of benefits to modern businesses. Mobile apps are the future of any business, management needs to leverage the benefits of mobile apps to promote their business online and provide improved customer experience.

Mobile apps are more engaging and interactive than traditional business websites. Regardless which sector, from ecommerce to finance to retail, every business can use a mobile app to unleash the potential of mobility.

It is easy for any business to stay ahead of its competition with a visually appealing mobile app that is easy to use. Business leaders can also promote the business and products in a cost-effective way through mobile apps.

There is no secret that the integration of technological advancements can increase mobile app development cost. It is a worthwhile investment that will give any business a high return.


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