About us

Our Story

Bluegrass was born over 20 years ago. With our roots in software engineering in the 1990’s we have emerged through the digital revolution and we continue to evolve. Change is a constant, but what has never changed is our work ethic and passion to deliver excellence. Today, we help our clients drive business growth through insight-led user experiences, innovation and technology built to scale.

With offices in Cape Town, Johannesburg and London, our expert knowledge, experience and proven track record help us provide a unique offering, centered on service excellence.


How we deliver

We aim to deliver the best quality and value for money and we seamlessly integrate with your internal processes and teams to deliver a remarkable experience. We work on individual projects or in conjunction with your development teams.

Our People

We are a passionate team of strategists, analysts, creatives and software engineers who combine to create well-crafted applications and platforms.


Our Culture

We offer a friendly, exciting and fun-filled environment. When we’re not playing foosball, enjoying drinks and braai’s (or barbecues) or office outings, we’re tackling new challenges, developing innovation, brainstorming creative ideas and winning as a team.


We build applications and experiences using the latest technologies and platforms.

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