Digital Asset Management

Access, interact and share staff communication from one platform


With the challenges faced by a remote and scattered workforce it is often difficult to remain in control of your brand message and empower and support staff in the field or at their workplace. Now you can replace your existing paper-based and fragmented staff communication with the Squirrel Asset Management portal.


Share and engage with content

Provide your staff with an easy-to-use interface where they can interact, share and engage with corporate content in one virtual space. Like, comment or favourite for later use – Squirrel enables employees to engage with staff communications and control their assets in one easy to access hub.

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Declutter and prioritise internal communication

Send important and critical notifications to employees in real time to declutter internal communication. The platform also allows staff members to have easy access to their news, notices and instruction manuals that they will use daily – adequately preparing them for their day-to-day roles and responsibilities

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Only allow access to verified users

Accessible on both Desktop and Mobile view, our platform adheres to stringent security standards to only provide access to specified company domains and verified users. Users can be managed within the platform by site Admins, enabling you to reach all staff members in a timeline and easy-to-use fashion

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