The best JavaScript frameworks


The best JavaScript frameworks



The list of JavaScript frameworks continues to grow within the JavaScript ecosystem. These frameworks are specifically designed to simplify the development process – a library of pre-built JavaScript code that is used to make development easy.


Developers that are planning to develop in JavaScript will need a framework of libraries for efficient coding. However, what JavaScript framework should one use? To choose a framework, one needs to consider the project requirements, the pros and cons of the specific framework and the ease of use. These frameworks are becoming more adaptable for web design, hence their popularity. They just make working with JavaScript so much easier.




The React is an open-source framework, that isn’t actually a framework, and was made popular by Facebook. It is probably the most commonly used front-end development technology and easier to learn and use than other frameworks like Angular. It has a fast growing community, extensive documentation, learning material and guides. Examples of large websites built with React are Airbnb, Dropbox, Asana and BBC. It can be used for the development of both web and mobile apps. There is a framework called React Native that was derived from React itself and is used for creating mobile apps.

React makes it easier to create dynamic web applications as it requires less coding and offers more functionality. It uses Virtual DOM to create web applications faster by comparing the components’ previous states and only updates the items in the Real DOM that were changed.


Components are the building blocks of any React application. A single app usually comprises multiple components that have their logic and controls. These can be reused throughout the app, drastically reducing the development time. It also means components can get replaced easily without having to consider major changes to architecture.




Angular was launched by Google in 2016, it is an open-source framework and one of the most powerful and efficient JavaScript frameworks. It is used for the frontend or backend to create dynamic Single Page Apps (SPAs) and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) with faster page loads.


Angular offers features such as two-way data binding which allows for real-time synchronisation between the model and view. It also has built-in dependency injection and supports TypeScript. Command line tools enable developers to start building fast, add components and tests, and deploy immediately.


Developers can create apps across Mac, Windows and Linux using the same web methods and have the ability to access native OS APIs. It provides the ability to create high-performance, complex choreographies, and animation timelines with very little code through Angular’s intuitive API. More importantly, they can create accessible applications with ARIA-enabled components, developer guides and built-in test infrastructure.




Vue.js (commonly referred to as Vue) is another good first JavaScript for beginners, it is easy to learn and has fantastic documentation. The Vue framework is an open-source framework designed to improve on the features of front-end frameworks like React and Angular. For example, Vue has the virtual DOM used in React and two-way binding found in Angular. It can help developers build Single Page Applications (SPAs) and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) quickly and efficiently. This framework’s dual integration mode is one of the most attractive features for creating a high-end SPA. It is a reliable platform for cross-platform development. Websites that were built using Vue include Grammarly, Upwork and Adobe.


The popularity of a specific JavaScript framework is an important consideration when looking to upskill or find resources in the development community. However, this should not be the key factor you consider when selecting a framework. One should always research the framework and ensure the best technology is applied for your requirements as a business. Each JavaScript framework has its own uses, advantages and disadvantages. So one should always bear this in mind when thinking about choosing one.



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