Software Testing

Quality assurance experts in software testing and quality control


Quality assurance and software testing is a major pillar in our design and development processes to ensure a successful and quality-driven products. Our team is made up of skilled QA engineers with certified expertise and an extensive knowledge of the latest technologies and tools.


Manual testing

Our QA team manually test websites and applications against defined test plans including user stories and business logic. Using our test lab with our suite of physical devices configured for different operating systems, platforms and browser requirements, we will test and analyse the performance, user interface and usability of your product.


For new projects with tighter deadlines, manual testing allows you to cover all functional and non-functional requirements to get your product live. Manual testing will also allow you to identify any weaknesses that cannot be detected automatically. By adding a human touch to the process, one can understand the overall user experience, design features of the product which is not possible from any automated process.

Automated testing

Along with manual testing, we provide automated testing as a service that will speed up future development releases, increase regression testing and help reduce cost of ownership of your product.


Automated testing is a long-term investment in the success of your product. It provides numerous benefits from performing repetitive and time-consuming tasks that diminish resources, makes the testing process easier and reduces human error, therefore, making the process more reliable. All possible situations of software functionality will be covered and performance on multiple platforms will be checked.


Performance testingĀ 

Our QA experts will analyse the performance of your application in various environments, as well as check on its scalability and stability under different user loads. This testing process will be used to identify and eliminate any bottlenecks in your application.


With performance testing, we will uncover what needs to be improved before your product goes to market to ensure it will be a success after launch. This process includes testing long load time, poor response time, poor scalability, and bottlenecking.

Mobile app testing

As a specialist mobile application development company, our QA engineers are qualified in the delivery of both manual and automated testing for mobile apps, PWAs and mobi sites. Using our test lab with smartphones and tablets, we provide a boutique offering for mobile testing across Android, iOS as well as Unit testing covering your APIs and UIs.


We also can help you set-up CI/CD pipelines to automatically deploy apps into the QA testing tracks of the app stores to provide more efficiency for your development release cycle.


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