AI-powered mobile apps drive new business


AI-powered mobile apps drive new business


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is doing more than ever to make everyone’s lives easier, it’s disrupting all industries. AI-powered mobile apps can create new opportunities for company growth and can deliver a substantial qualitative change.


AI is growing exponentially, businesses can no longer ignore its underlying potential. According to PwC, AI will contribute up to $15.7 trillion to the global economy in 2030. Larger organisations have already started adopting this technology, but many start-ups and small enterprises are slow to act.


AI can solve three important business challenges, it can automate business processes, gain insight through data analytics and help businesses engage with customers and employees.


The majority of people across the globe already use an AI-powered device or service without even realising it. There are voice assistants like Siri, chatbots that talk to customers on websites and Netflix provides personalised recommendations. These are but a few examples of AI-driven apps that we interact with daily, without realising their complexity and ingenuity.


Some of the more common AI applications today also include smart home and entertainment, security and surveillance, automated customer support, personalised shopping experience, AI-enabled healthcare and social media.


AI-powered mobile apps


The mobile app market is thriving with more than five billion unique mobile users globally. It is therefore no surprise that mobile development is one of the key areas of expansion for AI. Mobile app development has found unprecedented user personalisation and tailoring possibilities with AI.


By using advanced data analytics, AI enables businesses to gather crucial user information to offer highly contextualised and unique brand interactions. This ultimately increases customer experience and boosts engagement.




Chatbots are software apps that use AI and natural language processing to understand customers. They guide them to their desired outcome with as little effort as possible. This is why chatbots have become the norm in online customer services, providing a 24/7 service and instantly resolving customer issues.


Virtual assistants


This is another common mobile application for AI, it is highly-complex technology that collects data for AI solutions. It merges AI components like speech, image recognition, natural language processing and machine learning and based on the information collected from each interaction, it uses sophisticated algorithms to continuously improve the user experience.


Chatbots and virtual assistants are currently the most prevalent applications for AI in mobile development, but others include photo editing and storing, language learning and content curation.


Web development


AI also has a significant impact on web development and the applications are very similar to mobile apps including chatbots, voice-based searches that improve the user experience. With increased customer intelligence, these AI technologies can enhance access to products and services through the website.


Personalisation is the key to a positive user experience. With real-time understanding of customer interactions, web designers can use AI algorithms to improve the user experience on the web and can change the design to better match user preferences.


AI and data analytics deliver insights into user behaviour and preferences. This helps brands increase engagement through highly-personalised websites. Website layouts that will most likely attract and engage visitors can easily be identified by using layout exploration engines to create analytics-based suggestions.


The future


Businesses can derive massive value from incorporating AI solutions into their mobile apps and websites, regardless of the industry. As AI advances, there is a growing commercialisation and adoption across all industries. The businesses that adopt this trend first are going to leave their competitors behind.



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