Bluegrass support Bloomable during rebrand


Bluegrass support Bloomable during rebrand

Bloomable, formerly known as SA Florist, has partnered with digital transformation specialist Bluegrass Digital to support the growing eCommerce business with big ambitions. Bloomable is an online marketplace that connects people looking to buy fresh flowers and beautiful gifts to the actual artisans who create them.


As its new technical partner, Bluegrass brings technical and creative expertise to support Bloomable on key business objectives, including the recent rebrand from SA Florist to Bloomable.


Bluegrass provides digital transformation and world-class delivery, helping clients drive business growth through insights through data, user experience, innovation and technology built to scale.


Bloomable managing director Melissa Cumming commented: “Bluegrass has been key to our success to provide a digital marketplace focused on helping people, communities and small business to grow. We are extremely impressed with the Bluegrass team and the level of effort and commitment, especially when they experienced challenges.”


Bluegrass CEO Nick Durrant says they look forward to helping Bloomable achieve their objectives over the next few years. “Our initial task was to support the implementation of the rebrand from SA Florist to Bloomable. This was a major step for the business as it looks to expand its business in the coming year.”


Cumming says to date, Bloomable has built meaningful relationships with over 200 artisans, empowering them to expand their businesses by using its tech marketplace as their online hub.


“We don’t want to limit ourselves to flowers, we currently have a living, breathing business model and we want it to keep on growing with us. We want everything we say and do to reflect our mission to enable our partners, our customers, and ourselves – to bloom,” she adds.


“We will support them where they need us, but critically we are providing technical support for their eCommerce platform as well as supporting with UX, SEO and data insights”, says Durrant.


“Bloomable has delivered over 50 000 moments of happiness, and we look forward to working with Bluegrass to ensure we keep moving forward and achieve our mission. We are committed to the ability to bloom, not only within our team, but in the communities we work with, the people we collaborate with and in crafting the best possible experience for our customers,” Cumming concludes.


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