Reduce the cost of mobile app development


Reduce the cost of mobile app development


Building a mobile app could be costly and time-consuming, especially when developing a cross-platform business app for Android and iOS. However, with React Native, it is now possible to develop these apps using a common code base and reducing your cost of development.


React Native is the ideal solution for building affordable high-performing business apps and is a tech stack that is used by leading global organisations. It is a framework that simplifies cross-platform app development without compromising on the user experience (UX) design or user interface (UI).


It also requires less development time, offers simple integration, provides for easy maintenance and therefore lower cost of ownership. React Native offers many other features including hot reloading, easy debugging and scalability. Furthermore, the availability of affordable React Native developers makes it cost-effective and the obvious choice.


Faster development


They can also create and reuse native components without requiring any third-party bridge. A comprehensive library of components ensures faster app development. More importantly, the native approach helps save on development costs as apps can be rolled out faster on multiple platforms.


Reusing code


Developers can now develop apps using a single codebase for both the Android and iOS platforms. Instead of developing code for each platform, React Native has a code reusability feature.


Easy integration


Apps developed with React Native can be easily integrated with other apps. This integration doesn’t affect the apps performance.


Low maintenance


Cross-platform apps developed with React Native behave exactly like native apps. This ultimately means that they can use all device applications and they don’t need to deal with versioning.




Cross-platform apps can now be accessed on various platforms and on a range of devices with different operating systems. It is no longer difficult to scale or develop at any point because the code of these apps can be reused.




React Native app development doesn’t require different skills for each platform i.e. Android and iOS. It uses JavaScript as its core coding language, so developers can easily learn React Native. Also, there are many React Native app development houses with JavaScript expertise and ReactJS has grown in popularity in recent years. The easy availability means lower costs and a broader support community.




React Native apps are compiled as natively written products similar to any iOS native app. They not only perform well on both the operating systems, but also maintain performance across both platforms.


UX and UI


UI and UX play a critical role in the success of any business mobile app. Since the React Native framework facilitates cross-platform-ability, one needn’t design and develop twice.




React Native is a powerful tool that enables business owners to create robust mobile apps in a relatively short time. It has grown in popularity over the last 4 years and it offers developers a great experience with many pre-developed components and a vital community.


Businesses will benefit from the high efficiency and low costs when building an app. React Native offers efficient code sharing across iOS, Android and Web, with minimum loss in quality and most importantly, the user experience.



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