Spirit of Lagos Citizen Awards website goes live


Spirit of Lagos Citizen Awards website goes live

Bluegrass Digital, in partnership with Lagos based Playhouse Communication, was recently tasked with creating an interactive website for the Spirit of Lagos Citizens’ Day Awards 2015. The Bluegrass team has a secure footprint in Nigeria, with offices in Lagos and a long standing relationship with both the Playhouse and Spirit of Lagos teams, having previously delivered the Spirit of Lagos website.


Spirit of Lagos is an attitudinal change campaign (Similar to the Lead SA initiative in South Africa) which aims to restore and uphold a positive attitude towards the city and its neighbours. Citizens’ Day is an initiative aimed at rewarding those citizens quietly doing extraordinary work in their communities.


The inaugural Citizens’ Day Awards will be held on Wednesday, 27 May 2015. The website, that went live yesterday, will allow users to vote efficiently for nominated citizens and share this interaction on social media platforms to encourage further votes.


“We are very proud of the steps that Spirit of Lagos is making as a movement and the Citizen’s Day Awards is a great example of this growing positivity. Bluegrass continues to satisfy our digital needs and we continue to be impressed by both their technical skills and their enthusiasm for our projects,” Says Tolu Onile-Ere, MD at Playhouse Communication.


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