Bluegrass Digital explains what a creative technology agency is


Bluegrass Digital explains what a creative technology agency is

The term creative technology is widely used and done so interchangeably. When searching for a creative technology agency you will find that they focus mostly on information technology and digital media.

Although technology is a key input for several creative industries, this category has been specifically separated out due to its core function being reliant on digital technology.


The word “creative” is used because it encompasses graphic design, product design, and/or advertising.


“Technology” refers to the media created with a software-based, electronic and/or data-driven engine.


Creative technology agencies are both knowledge intensive and labour intensive.


The aim of technological agencies is to help brands and organisations harness the opportunities of the fast-changing digital media landscape, while finding new ways to connect with their audiences in a more responsive and engaging way.


Creative Technology Agencies’ nature of work include but are not limited to:

  • Liaising with project management and development to establish proper technical and functional specification documentation
  • Designing usability testing methodology and documentation
  • Relevant use of internet and software for the projects
  • Digital media
  • UX Design (graphic design and web design)

As media platforms merge (e-Commerce, Mobile and Internet), digital is being recognised as an increasingly effective tool in branding.


Strategy, communication design, user experience, competitor research, data & analytics, social media content planning, visual design and the technical development of solutions across the widest digital media space are all important aspects of these and form a strong core of what these agencies are about.


Submitted by Bluegrass Digital, a leading provider of creative technological solutions and digital production services for mobile, web and social platforms.


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