Rosebank College

Project Brief

Rosebank College, a prominent brand under The Independent Institute of Education (The IIE), stands as a distinguished entity within the realm of private higher education.


We were selected as the digital partner to re-platform the existing website. However, during the initial phase of the project, it became apparent that the existing website lacked a cohesive design strategy and a unified user experience. The absence of a structured design UX with unclear user journeys hindered the flow of the website, resulting in disparate look and feel, and a lack of clear conversion strategy. Recognising the importance of a seamless digital experience, the initial phase of work focused on UX and UI design resulting in a new fresh UI responsive interface.


In addition, the project objectives was to improve the content editing experience for the marketing team and it was agreed to transition the website to a more user-friendly stable content management system (CMS). Umbraco was selected to ensure a more streamlined and efficient content management process.


As part of the project roadmap, we also carried out the design and development of a Qualification Wizard.


Key Features

  • UX & UI design process
  • Implementation of Umbraco CMS
  • Course and qualification finder
  • Payment gateway integrations
  • WhatsApp Business and Chat bot integration
  • Online application forms
  • Umbraco Cloud

The Result

The Rosebank website project stands as a testament to the successful transformation of a digital presence through strategic design and technological enhancements. The implementation of a cohesive design strategy, incorporation of a structured design UX phase, and the transition to Umbraco CMS collectively contribute to an optimized and user-friendly online platform that aligns seamlessly with the brand’s identity.


The Qualifcation Wizard – an interactive tool that empowers students to explore and determine their academic interests by guiding them through a tailored assessment process, contributing to more application conversions. By leveraging intuitive design and seamless functionality, the Qualification Wizard aims to enhance user engagement and facilitate informed decision-making regarding educational pathways.


The client and team have acknowledge the success and ease-of-use of the new solution for both users and content editors.


What our Client says

“Thank you for all the hard work put into this. You have been such an amazing team to work with. Here’s to many more successful engagements together.”

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