Allan Gray Orbis Foundation

A new communication mobile app called The Gray Matter Lounge

Project Brief

The Allan Gray Orbis Foundation is a non-profit organization headquartered in South Africa, founded by the visionary entrepreneur and philanthropist, Allan Gray. The foundation’s overarching mission is to nurture a cadre of socially responsible and entrepreneurial leaders within the country.


The Foundation have been experiencing challenges in communicating with their community given the diverse nature of social and communication platforms available today. Recognizing the need for a cohesive solution, the organization tasked Bluegrass to create a platform aimed to streamline community engagement. The primary objectives included establishing seamless communication with Fellows on a global scale and elevating visibility by integration into the international directory of Fellows.


Key Features

  • iOS and Android Apps
  • ReactNative & Redux app development
  • API integration with backoffice services
  • Social sign-in integrations with Azure AD
  • Onboarding questionnaire wizard for data collection
  • Social features such as posting, social feeds
  • Messaging and Push Notifications is using Azure Notification Hub
  • Moderation and reporting tools

The Result

The new Allan Gray Orbis Foundation mobile app, dubbed the Gray Matter Lounge, serves as the official communication platform for the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation users.


The application facilitates seamless engagement within the Foundation community and the broader entrepreneurial ecosystem in a similar way that Linkedin works in the B2B community. The app enables users to stay connected with Fellows worldwide and actively participate in the Fellows directory, supporting mentoriship and ensuring ongoing visibility within the community. Apart from the connected community objectives, the mobile app also acts as a important source of data exchange between AGOF and the broader user community.


What our Client says

“Thank you for building (and continuing to build) an incredible app. The app’s stability is a testament to the quality of work delivered by both developers and testers. We believe that the work Bluegrass Digital has produced will significantly contribute to building an entrepreneurial ecosystem of high-impact, responsible entrepreneurs who are capable of positively and permanently impacting the economic lives of the communities, cities, and countries in which they operate; and who are at the forefront of the continuing economic and social transformation of South Africa. Thank you for your contribution to our mission.”

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