Marketing Taxonomy Data on Sitecore


Marketing Taxonomy Data on Sitecore

According to experts, Taxonomy is a process that allows you to identify and organise information in a hierarchical structure. When the Sitecore Experience Platform (XP) 8 was launched additional marketing tools were introduced including Taxonomies to the Marketing Control Panel.


Campaigns and other marketing definitions can be classified with specific taxons, represented by a TaxonUri class that provides information about the specific place where the taxon is located inside the taxonomy.


Applied into the Sitecore architecture, taxonomies are a useful tool allowing marketers to classify marketing activities by applying taxonomy tags to campaigns, goals, and outcomes.


Applying marketing taxonomies delivers the ability to track how website visitors interact with your website, giving you greater insights so that you can refine and optimise your marketing strategy and then reflect it on your website content.


To retrieve a single marketing taxonomy classification asset to use in aggregation processing:

Add the following project references:

  • Sitecore.Kernel.dll
  • Sitecore.Marketing.dll
  • Sitecore.Marketing.Taxonomy.dll

Add the following namespaces:

  • using Sitecore.Marketing.Definitions;
  • using Sitecore.Marketing.Definitions.Campaigns;
  • using Sitecore.Marketing.Taxonomy.Model;


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