SAP Tools and Technologies


SAP Integration Tools and Technologies

There are a number of SAP integration tools and technologies that make it less difficult for software developers to build application integrations between SAP and other systems. We’ve put together a list of the most widely used tools including:


Intermediate Docs (IDocs): IDocs is a standard data format defined by SAP used to exchange information between SAP and non-SAP applications. It is typically used to transfer data in and out of SAP.


Business Application Programming Interfaces (BAPI): BAPIs are defined interfaces that can be utilized by SAP and non-SAP applications. BAPIs are typically used in two-way communication scenarios, providing access to processes and data. There are hundreds of BAPIs available, which offer a broad set of functions for SAP application integration.


SAP Java Connector (JCo): JCo is a middleware component that enables development of SAP-compatible components and applications in Java. JCo has become prevalent in SAP environments because it is a necessary component for Java developers who need to integrate with SAP.


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