Nick visits London


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Bluegrass Digital MD, Nick Durrant, is on his way to London again to meet new and existing clients. Nick shares his time between Cape Town and London focusing on growing the business and improving our services. “Strategically, the UK is our most important market and London is the hub of most of our clients. With pressure on quality and pricing, we are able to provide a boutique outsource offering for UK-based agencies and clients from of our Cape Town development centre. Our similar time-zone, culture and language along with the weak South African rand provides unique propositions for our clients,” says Durrant.


Bluegrass Digital launched their UK office in 1999 during the DotCom boom and has built up relationships with clients that they still serve today. “We started delivering web development services for agencies like Clock Work Web and in the early days! They did not survive the crash. We continue to help agencies where there is a either skill set or resource shortage. In some cases we provide an ongoing monthly service model by assigning dedicated hours or resources to their account.” Bluegrass Digital is a web and software development company with specialist skills in Umbraco, EpiServer and Sitecore CMS platforms.


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