Allan Gray Adviser Mobility

Project Brief

Bluegrass Digital is a React Native mobile development company. We were selected to join an internal product team to design and build a new mobile solution for financial advisers. We would collaborated closely with Allan Gray combining both onsite and remote working. Our key responsibilities involved app architecture design and mobile development.


The mobile application would be a first for Allan Gray and the industry with the aim to streamline the client onboarding process for financial advisers. An agile approach was used to allow the team to move quickly through sprint cycles from UX and design to development. The objective was to deliver a final working solution that automated client onboarding through the app and integrated directly with Allan Gray internal systems and existing processes.


Key Features

  • UX prototyping
  • UI design style guide
  • React Native & Redux
  • NodeJS webservice integration via REST
  • Secure sign-in features
  • Workflow forms with “save in progress” functionality
  • FICA document validation
  • eSignature feature
  • Unit testing with Jest

The Result

A slick new iPad solution was released and entered a closed user testing phase with a selected number of financial advisers to provide meaningful feedback. An additional phase of enhancements and improvements followed user testing, prior to final testing and an internal production release for further review.


What our Client says

“You just missed our UI design manager raving about the attitude, quality, productivity of the Bluegrass mobile team.”


– Earl van Zyl, Head of Product Development

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